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My story

My name is Pascal Boom and I am based in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. I'm a freelancer who, for the last couple of years, have worked as a sound designer and musician on several games. the very first project I worked on became a worldwide success, and made me aware that this is something I can be really good at. Since then I have been working hard to expand my skills and knowledge so that I can be versatile with anything game audio related.

—the soundtrack’s ridiculously good too

My philosophy is to always raise the bar higher with every new step I take. I like to work along with my client to make the best possible product. Whatever the genre,  my music will help create the right atmosphere and, together with the sound effects, will bring your game to an even higher level. 


Convenient and affordable


So, what exactly can I do for you? Here's a list:

  • Creating custom royalty free sound effects for your game

  • This might include field recording for original new sounds

  • Voice recording, noise reduction and editing

  • Vocal processing (think monsters, robots, walkie-talkie, etc...)

  • I own a library of more than 40.000 royalty free sound effects and still increasing

  • Custom made music for your game in many different genres. My strong suites:

  • Orchestral (filmscore), Electro, 80's synthesizer, Ambience, Hybrids of different styles of music

  • This includes mixing and mastering my own music, no third parties involved

  • Experience with how it will sound on different devices (mobile, pc, console, handheld)

  • Help with sound testing for every device, tips for best settings (loudness standards, etc...)

  • I also have some experience in guest lectures at NHL-Stenden University

  • I'll make sure to keep it affordable.

Custom made Music and Sound Effects for your Game

Other hobbies:

Collecting film(score) soundtracks

Listening to Audio Drama's

I'm currently working on a new synthwave album in the style of Crockett's theme.


I'm open to job opportunities. In case you want to ask a question or run into troubles with your project feel free to send me a message.

Now let's bring your project to the next level!

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